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This is a collaboration of questions that will help us to get a better understanding of your business and video ideas. The questions in this form provide us with the foundation for your creative video production. Once we have all the information we need we can begin designing the concept for your video.

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The Puzzle Pieces
When do you need the video?
When do you need the video?
How far can we travel to shoot on location?
Shooting some of the footage at a designated location is sometimes necessary depending on the script.
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What is the purpose of your video?
What's Next?
1 RESEARCH Once we have gathered the information from you about your creative video needs we will draft a basic concept for the video, set a date to catch up and go over the information, concept, budget requirements, filming locations, production requirements, and timeframe for final script. 2 SCRIPT DESIGN We will then go away and collaborate all your information and begin working on a written script, once this is complete we will send you a copy to take a look at. The script can be authorized via email or we can set a date to go over the script and talk about key points. Once the script is complete, we can get onto filming! 3 THE SHOOT Now we are able to provide you with a timeframe for your project, send you the invoice and contract agreement for the works and begin organizing filming locations, talent and any other requirements. Once these details have been finalized we will communicate with you on all the final details, dates and times of the shoots and locations. 4 EDITION + APPROVAL After shooting we will begin editing your project, this project will have a timeframe which has been outlined in the film agreement. The editing process in the most time-consuming period in the video production process, the final edit will be uploaded to a private link and shared with you for prior approval before delivering the project, If any changes are to be made they will be made at this time and are subject to the agreement terms and conditions. 5 DELIVERY Once the final edit is approved the video will be sent out to all the requested recipients.